“I have known David for years. He has a encyclopedic knowledge of international, national, and regional issues and is one of the top idea people around. I have enjoyed working with him on a number of projects, big and small. David always moves the ball forward.” – Fred Morley, Chief Economist at Nova Scotia Tourism Agency – NS Regulatory Affairs


“David is a recognized thought leader in the Atlantic Canadian region. A clear and strategic thinker, who excels at communicating powerful ideas that lead others to action. David does this as easily from the pen to the podium, and can always be counted on to bring an innovative agenda to all of his work.” – Stephen Dempsey, Executive Director at OERA; Vice President at DDI Canada


“Holt is one of those rare individuals who is ‘here’ sometimes, intensely so, in the now, and can also be completely immersed in somewhere else as he turns an idea over and over to pull out all the insight available. An unusual man. Smart and funny at the same time. David is warm, intelligent and able in most of the print media realms. I have known David for some 20 years while we both transitioned our careers along, so know him in different ways and… I still love and respect him.” Joseph Seiler MCC


“Drawing on insights from many fields, David Holt demonstrates how creativity, when properly supported by a culture of innovation and strategic thinking, can be transformative to both organizations and society. The combination of these elements creates the conditions for a “big bang-like” result. To be fully realized in any setting, the reaction must be catalyzed with leadership that provides both compelling vision and solid execution. Holt shares the threads that explain success through time and space, helping us to become the architects of a brighter future.” – Lorn Sheehan, PhD, Professor of Strategy, Rowe School of Business, Dalhousie University


“David is an energetic, innovative and talented writer, editor and businessman. He has extremely high standards and is also easy and fun to work with.” – Carol Moreira, writer and journalist


“David is kind. He is on the cutting-edge of health and doing whatever he can to better himself and those around him. He is understanding. He tries to see your perspective and he sees what others miss.” – Jennifer Graham, Mary Poppins


“David brings a unique perspective to his work. Rather than accepting things at face value, he voraciously soaks up ideas, opinions, and knowledge from way out in left field (and right and center fields, and even a bit of the infield), and somehow pieces them together in a way that just makes sense. He deals in the big picture rather than the trivial minutiae.” – Graeme Gunn, Communications & Media Specialist


“David is a phenomenal editor, writer and creative genius. By far the most compelling person I have worked for. He has also been a personal mentor to me and coach. His editing skills helped me become a better writer.” – Jennifer Kelly, Writer, Instructional Designer, Trainer