Context Consulting

Context helps clients to look ahead. The focus is on leadership and the three elements that support it: communication, strategy and innovation.

At the highest level, leadership is not primarily an active role. It is defined by analyzing opportunities and threats and crafting strategies to address them. Innovation, one of its primary tools, must be used judiciously, with an eye on the inherent risk of expending resources on any new initiative.

Once a strategy has been set, it must be set in motion through the ensuing levels of organization and finally execution. Many organizations blur these three levels or orientations in search of quick fixes as they act and react without first clearly defining the structure of the organization.

Throughout the stages of gathering information, developing strategy and fulfilling it through organization and execution, leaders must fulfill the crucial role of communication, which is an art, not a science. Throughout history, strong leaders have always managed to develop their own personal communication style that resonates with those responsible for managing and executing.

Leaders must remain attuned to the flux of information around them while remaining detached enough to analyze unfolding events and communicate direction in a straightforward and convincing manner. During moments when it is time to roll out a new strategy or to react quickly to a sudden threat or opportunity, leaders must be able to communicate decisively to allow their organizations to change direction as needed.

Founder David Holt moves comfortably among these levels. A skilled communicator with a background in media and engineering, he helps organizations to unlock the creativity of individuals and teams.