“I have known David for years. He has a encyclopedic knowledge of international, national, and regional issues and is one of the top idea people around. I have enjoyed working with him on a number of projects, big and small. David always moves the ball forward.” – Fred Morley, Chief Economist at Nova Scotia Tourism Agency – NS Regulatory Affairs

“David is a recognized thought leader in the Atlantic Canadian region. A clear and strategic thinker, who excels at communicating powerful ideas that lead others to action. David does this as easily from the pen to the podium, and can always be counted on to bring an innovative agenda to all of his work.” – Stephen Dempsey, Executive Director at OERA; Vice President at DDI Canada

“Holt is one of those rare individuals who is ‘here’ sometimes, intensely so, in the now, and can also be completely immersed in somewhere else as he turns an idea over and over to pull out all the insight available. An unusual man. Smart and funny at the same time. David is warm, intelligent and able in most of the print media realms. I have known David for some 20 years while we both transitioned our careers along, so know him in different ways and… I still love and respect him.” Joseph Seiler MCC